april 26, 2017

Meet Tailwind


Tailwind Nutrition Sweden is a part of Trailground AB, which is owned and managed by me, Alexander Malmström. I have a background as a full time working musician who used to smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day for over 12 years, and never moved a muscle. But after being challenged by my father-in-law to participate in the famous Göteborgsvarvet, I changed my lifestyle over the past four years…

Today, I’m a non-smoking parent who loves running and taking every chance I get to leave the home and go out for a run in the woods. I am not an elite runner, but I train hard and love to challenge myself both in running and in life. I also have a burning passion for how the human body functions, particularly in the area of nutrition. Outside of running, I work as an accountant and that’s were I bring home the bacon.

I’ve had a dream for quite some time to start a business that combines my love of running with selling products over the internet. I just hadn’t found the right product…until now. I first tried Tailwind Nutrition as a customer after listening to the founder, Jeff, on a Trail Runner Nation podcast. My enthusiasm for an “all in one fuel” that actually worked was so strong that I decided to fulfill my dream and become their distributor in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries.


With Tailwind Nutrition Sweden, we have a vision of providing the absolutely best customer service. As a runner, the endurance fuel business has always seemed very impersonal and driven by profit instead of what’s best for the customer. We want to change that through working directly with our customers and helping them achieve their personal goals through using Tailwind.

We are excited about creating a Tailwind community through Facebook and Twitter, because we believe that our community is an extension of who we are. The more knowledge sharing that happens, the better we will all be. Whether it’s sharing what we’ve learned from our customers, or your telling us what we can do better, our goal is always to build a better company to serve you.


Please don’t be afraid to contact us! We love to answer your questions about Tailwind or about fueling during your workout. To us, it’s all about helping you achieve your personal goal. We’ve learned a lot while building and sharing Tailwind, and we are eager to share that knowledge with you!